Asked Questions

  • What is the Energizer Homepower battery?

    Energizer Homepower is an All-in-One home energy storage solution made up of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP or LiFePO4) battery modules, power conversion equipment (PCE), a Battery Management System (BMS) and an energy management system (EMS). The Energizer Homepower Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is designed to transform the way you utilise your solar energy.

  • How does the Energizer Homepower battery work?

    Energizer Homepower helps you to store the excess energy from your solar system, so you can use it when you need it most. For example, charge off the grid when prices are low, discharge when prices are high to maximise savings or to utilise in the event of a blackout. If you become a participant of a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program with your energy retailer, you may also be able to sell your energy when the prices are high, thus maximising your revenue. Please consult your energy retailer for information in regards to a VPP program they may have available.

  • Is Energizer Homepower safe?

    Your family’s safety is paramount, that’s why Energizer Homepower utilises Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP or LiFePO4) for its battery cells, known to be the safest Lithium battery chemistry, making it an ideal choice for residential energy storage.

  • Can the Energizer Homepower be installed inside?

    Yes, Energizer Homepower is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. It has been designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and has an IP65 rating, whereby the number 6 refers to total protection against dust and the number 5 refers to the protection against low pressure water jets from any direction. Please keep in mind that the Australian standards and the Clean Energy Council (CEC) have specific requirements around the placement and installation of the Energizer Homepower battery. This will be discussed with you on the day the installation takes place.


  • What happens in the event of a blackout?

    In the event of a blackout, Energizer Homepower has the ability to power critical appliances in your home. Blackouts can occur when the electricity grid is overwhelmed by consumer demand. On the day of the installation you will be able to request that your Certified Installer connects those appliances that you require to be functional during a blackout.

  • I already have a solar system installed on my roof. Can Energizer Homepower be installed at my home?

    Yes. The Energizer Homepower is an AC coupled All-in-One retrofit solution that is ideal for homes that already have a solar system.  The installation of an Energizer Homepower battery would be a seamless process, it will be connected in parallel to your existing solar system.


  • I don’t have a solar system installed. What do I need to install Energizer Homepower?

    You will require a solar system to be installed first, and on the same day you will be able to connect your Energizer Homepower battery. One of our Authorised Resellers will be able to assist with finding the right solar system to match your needs alongside your Energizer Homepower battery.

  • Will Energizer Homepower work if my home is on a three-phase supply?

    Yes, the Energizer Homepower can be installed on both single and three-phase supply. Please notify your Authorised Reseller if your home is connected to three-phase supply.


  • How do I choose the right battery size for my home?

    Every household has different needs. Typically, the variables below impact the battery size you may need. You will need to consider:

    • Location
    • Solar system size
    • Energy consumption

    One of our Authorised Resellers will be able to assist you with selecting the perfect sized Energizer Homepower for your home.


  • What if my energy needs grow in the future?

    Energizer Homepower is easily expandable to meet your evolving needs. If you’re looking to increase the size of the battery in the future, you can always attach additional sub-units to your existing battery. You can attach up to a maximum of 3 sub-units, which would provide you with total capacity of 24.4 kWh.

  • How long will the Energizer Homepower last for?

    The Energizer Homepower is designed to operate for at least 10 years and is backed by an industry leading 10-year warranty giving you peace of mind for your investment.

  • Does Energizer Homepower need to be serviced?

    No, your Homepower doesn’t need to be serviced, however, if you have any performance concerns please contact your Authorised Reseller.

  • How much does an Energizer Homepower battery cost?

    The price of an Energizer Homepower depends on the selected system size and will be quoted by one of our Authorised Resellers. Please submit your enquiry here.

  • What is the Energizer Homepower App?

    The Energizer Homepower App is an iOS and Android user app which sets a new benchmark in user experience. Its intuitive interface provides you with an extensive array of options to either monitor or control your energy use. You can track your household’s energy generation, consumption and export, and receive notifications regarding your energy use 24 x 7 from anywhere in the world.

  • How do I download the Energizer Homepower App?

    Simply download the Energizer Homepower App onto your smart phone via your favourite Appstore and follow the prompts.

  • What is a DER?

    A Distributed Energy Resource (DER) is the name given to renewable energy units or systems that are commonly located at houses or businesses to provide them with power. Another name for DER is “behind the meter” because the electricity is generated or managed ‘behind’ the electricity meter in the home or business. Common examples of DER include rooftop solar PV units, battery storage, thermal energy storage, electric vehicles and charges, smart meters, and home energy management technologies.

    Energizer Homepower is an example of a Distributed Energy Resource (DER).

  • What is a VPP?

    VPP is short for Virtual Power Plant. A VPP is a cloud-based distributed power plant that aggregates the capacities of distributed energy resources (DER) for the purposes of enhancing power generation, as well as trading or selling power on the electricity market.

  • Is the Energizer Homepower VPP ready?

    The Energizer Homepower is completely VPP ready and deployable to any VPP of your choice, making Energizer Homepower a future proofed asset for your home energy needs and ready to be utilised for emerging grid requirements.